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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Sen. Akpabio (Warsaw)

The attempt by Anietie Ekong to extricate Senator Godswill Akpabio from the creation of an Akwa Ibom state House of Comedy led by Former Honourable Nse Ntuen arrived the news stands completely impotent.

The good people of Akwa Ibom state being well aware of the strategic and logistics support provided by the Hitler-admiring senator have risen to condemn the act and the seen and unseen actors. A cross section of Akwa Ibom people are questioning what the Senator’s personal photographer was doing in the chambers with the ousted lawmakers?

Additionally, it can be recalled that during the nominations of our party in 2014, Senator Akpabio, then Governor of our state, foisted the candidature of Nse Ntuen (who then was serving as the chairman of council for Essien Udom local government area) on the delegates who protested strenuously. Recall further that when the delegates agreed to do the Senator’s bidding, he still was afraid that his puppet will lose to Tony Etim. He instructed the returning officer to conduct the election using option A4(delegates queuing behind the aspirant of their choice), just to be sure that the delegates do not execute their plan of rejecting Nse Ntuen. Their grouse then which is manifesting now, is that the Peter principle in management(promotion beyond competence level) will catch up with Nse. They further opined that Nse will be completely lost in the assembly and his people will suffer misrepresentation. I doubt the fact that those who protested Nse’s candidature, had telepathic capacities, they simply used their assessment of him in the past to predict the future.

If Senator Akpabio had allowed the people’s choice to prevail, Akwa Ibom would have been saved the global embarrassment attracted by the intellectually lazy, egoistical and classless ‘Loud Speaker of the Akwa Ibom House of Comedy’ Nse Ntuen. The quality of those he(Sen. Akpabio)handpicked to represent him and his constituency in the legislature gives the world a peep into his mind. Senator Akpabio can therefore not wash his hands off the current embarrassment occurring in the state legislature by Nse Ntuen and his gang of ignorant former legislators.
I am sure that Anietie Ekong did not see the less than two minutes skit showing their ‘loudspeaker’ marching into the chambers when he released that statement. If he did, then we’ll just conclude that the camp of sub-national comedians has increased. So make no mistake, Senator Godswill Akpabio will continue to be counted in on this shameful issue until, he himself counts himself out.

As usual, we will continually remind those who beat the drums of war using the platform of politics to refrain as the outcome of violence is always undesirable to all the parties. Election is not war and should not be conducted as war, for any reason.

We are well aware that power belongs to God and HE gives it to whomsoever he chooses. 2019 will come and go but Akwa Ibom will remain.


Comrade Ini Ememobong
State Publicity Secretary
People’s Democratic Party

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