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Sunday, December 9, 2018


Mr President, 

I know President Muhammadu Buhari to be a very serious man. Unlike former President Olusegun Obasanjo, he is not a man who is known for cracking jokes, he seldom smiles. Coming from a stern military and religious background, Nigerians voted him to power on the strength that he will be upright in the fight against corruption. 

If the corruption war of President Muhammadu Buhari is not for cosmetic reasons, then Mr President should order the EFCC to investigate his Special Assistant on National Assembly Matters, Senator Ita Solomon Enang for embezzling 920 Million naira, an amount he collected on the pretence of building a dam for his people in Uyo Senatorial District.

Except for the revelations of distinguished Senator Bassey Albert, the people of Akwa Ibom State would not be in the know that Mr Ita Enang had received the sum of nine hundred and twenty million naira to construct a dam in Uyo Senatorial District. No one knew that Ita Enang received such a huge sum of money from the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The dam Ita Enang said he built to the level of about a billion naira is laughable. When I visited the site in Ididep in Ibiono Local Government, the site had been taken over by a thick bush, the job done so far cannot be valued beyond fifty million naira.

So how can President Mohammadu Buhari say he is fighting corruption when he surrounds himself with corrupt individuals like Senator Ita Solomon Enang? If people could be invited by EFCC over one hundred million naira allegations, why is Mr Ita Enang strutting around free? Mr President, I will only believe your war against corruption if Ita Enang is docked, a corrupt politician like him should not be seen around you, except your war against corruption is fake and is only against PDP members and any member of PDP who crosses over to APC is automatically canonized.

Mr President, you said your Government has zero tolerance for corrupt officials, why are you still dancing with a known thief like Ita Solomon Enang as your personal aide? You cannot pour old wine into a new wine skin. How can almost a b naira go just like that without even a question? Or is the fight against corruption a one sided battle?

Your acceptance of a thief like Ita Solomon Enang calls for many questions. We have lost faith (for those who had it at all in the first place) in the one sided system. The fight against corruption is a huge joke. The best man the President can appoint to be a go-between him and the senate is Ita Enang. A man who has no respect for the law nor constituted authority?

Mr President how can you allow the people to doubt your corruption war ? How will you keep a thief as your gate keeper and want Nigerians to believe your change campaign? I don’t want to believe what Nigerians are saying, that your corruption war is a vindictive move not really a war against corruption.

For making people Like Senator Ita Enang part of your Government, then the people are correct. If Ita Enang's corrupt disposition can be tolerated, his lose tongue is annoying. President Buhari mandates Ita Enang to come to Akwa Ibom state every week and insult Governor Udom Emmanuel. The last time he said Akwa Ibom youths are cultists. Senator Ita Enang accused Governor Udom Emmanuel of recruiting cultist for the upcoming re-run election in Akwa Ibom state and went ahead to say that the governor is using his several programmes targeted at youth development to recruit youths into cult groups. Ita Enang threw caution to the winds by insinuating that Akwa Ibom youths are cultists and I must say, this has gone beyond politics.

The loquacious Ita Enang has over stepped his bounds this time and should apologise to Akwa Ibom youths. Ita Enang over his 16 years sojourn in the National Assembly has a very poor record of human capital development. He is a deeply selfish man, very tight fisted and a miser. Ita is obviously jealous about what Udom Emmanuel is doing in Akwa Ibom State, trying to give the youths more capacity to launch themselves into global reckoning. Ita Enang particularly said the oracle training is used as a bait for recruiting cultist, how silly of him.

Please my President prosecute Senator Ita Enang or else, the youths of Uyo Senatorial District will lead a protest to Aso Rock. How can Ita receive nine hundred and twenty million naira then there is no functional dam at Ididep in Ibiono?

You deny Dasuki freedom and allow Senator Ita Enang to work free on the streets and run his mouth like wild fire, steering up war in Akwa Ibom State, calling the youth of the State cultists, projecting evil against your administration.

Chiedu wrote in the Guardian Newspapers that the civil servant who sits on a colleague’s promotion or retirement file in the office because of refusal to bribe him, will make a terribly corrupt head of department. Owners of corporate organisations who connive with government officials to defraud Nigeria are likely to run corrupt administrations if given opportunities to occupy public office. The clergyman who applauds the criminal in his church or mosque because of personal gains is corrupt and therefore, should not be considered for the headship of an association of clergymen. Corrupt leadership is a problem of today but corrupt followership is a problem of both today and tomorrow.

Mr President Sir, your being a saint and keeping a thief will also corrupt you to become one. It will be wise to prosecute Senator Ita Enang if truly your anti-corruption crusade is not selective. Senator Ita Solomon Enang is an intelligent man but he is of no use to us. He is one leader that has no value before the electorates of Akwa Ibom State. He had been a councillor, a House of Assembly member, house of Representatives member and a Senator, there is no youth or a woman that can say he or she was empowered by Ita Enang. Ita Enang lacks any moral justification to speak, more so because of his corrupt tendency.

Ita Enang is a man who has failed his generation and God. The people of the Senatorial District roundly rejected him when he came back asking for their votes. The President Buhari I know is a prudent and honest leader. Why would you keep a thief as your friend and companion Sir? A corrupt politician is one who steals the money of the people. corruption also has many other forms that many people don’t realize. A corrupt leader could also be someone who corrupts his promises, duties, responsibilities, and the trust that the public gives him or her. Senator Ita Enang has never kept to his election promises to his people. He is a corrupt man.

The future of our children depends on our votes. Political aspirants keep coming to the masses like job applicants waited to be hired. The people had being making mistakes to hire Senator Ita Enang until they realized their mistake and voted him out. He dazzled on the floor of the house and did not report progress back home. Even what he received, he swallowed it all.

Mr President before you hired him, you would have done background checks on him, do a check on his previous assignments and evaluate his past performances, examine his relationship with the people.

Mr President, I invite you to send an independent valuer to access the level of job that was done at the dam project, it is not a quarter of the funds Senator Ita Enang received. If after your findings, you don’t open the maximum prison for Ita Enang to be a tenant, then your corruption war is a tv soap opera

Nicholas is a concerned indigene of Akwa Ibom North East(Uyo) Senatorial District.

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