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Saturday, December 8, 2018


The APC and its Governorship candidate, Nsima Ekere have perfected an evil plot to politicize the unfortunate and sad Reginers’ Bible church tragedy  in its desperate efforts to hang its fast deflating electoral fortunes on any straw.

According to exclusive information obtained from a member of their strategic group who felt morally repulsed and sickened by this evil plot, and thus decided to spill their secret, the APC and Nsima Ekere Campaign team have perfected the plot to tie Governor Udom Emmanuel to the sad tragedy which had claimed about 28 innocent lives. They will do this by saying Apostle Akan Weeks and the Governor were friends and thus, was  privy to what they concoct in their minds was Apostle Akan Week’s evil designs to kill the innocent lives that were lost.

“Once I heard of this evil plot, I was angry and sad. You can play dirty politics but you cannot exploit a tragedy to gain political advantage “the informant had told us. “when that building collapsed, it was through the special grace of God that Governor Udom Emmanuel’s life was spared, it is still a miracle that he survived that tragedy and for anybody, any candidate of a party to try to capitalize on that unfortunate tragedy to gain political mileage is very depressing and I urge to the good people of Akwa Ibom State to reject such a candidate.

When those mangled bodies were scattered on the floor of that church on that black Saturday, the bodies were not labelled PDP or APC; they were the bodies of Akwa Ibom people who had gotten up from their beds that morning, full of hopes and dreams, but they all perished. We should not try to politicize the tragedy. Nisma Ekere should be repulsed by this and anyone who would advise his campaign to do this should be fired, because such a person does not wish him well.” the source had added.

Akwa Ibom people, now you can see the level of desperation of the Nsima campaign and how they are willing to go so low in their desperation for power


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