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Wednesday, December 26, 2018


By Umani Uwemedimo  

A lot of us may not have known the sole reason why Emmanuel was sent into the world as a precious gift and why the Government was raised on his shoulders. Based on Biblical teaching and ideology, there was a time where the Creator had reasoned to destroy mankind because of sins, and indeed a sacrificial lamp was needed to help avert His wrath hence, the need to send Emmanuel in-order to help atone for our sins. This, was something extraordinary, but the fact is that this act was a necessity for a continuum on the ladder of human existence. Here, we could also ascertain the purposes behind Emmanuel emergence as the governor of Akwa Ibom State on May 29th 2015.

Christ had come, died and most importantly, fulfilled his primary mission and other complementary missions on earth, but what we should know today is that another God-sent sacrificial lamb was born in Awa, Onna Local Government Areas of Akwa Ibom State the same way the Biblical Emmanuel (Jesus Christ) was born in a menger. 

Just the same way God spoke to Prophet Isaiah about the coming of Emmanuel the Christ our redeemer, an Angel had also appeared to Godswill Akpabio, telling him in details about  the emergence of Emmanuel Udom before May 29th 2015, and the task ahead of him. I know some people would want to ask why the angel had to appear to Akpabio who's done for dubious attitudes. Truth is,  same was said in 1Samuel 10:11 when Saul prophesied.

Akpabio in  his statement, " the voice of the Lord said to me, verily I say unto you, a child is born in the Land of Onna, and one day the Government of the State shall be upon his shoulders. He shall govern the State for eight years, and his name shall be called Emmanuel Gabriel Udom". 

Knowing how important the task was, the Akwa Ibom Emmanuel succumbed to the wishes of the Creator and Heavens by taking up the cross of the State on his head: this cross was the citadel of debt, kidnapping, politically motivated assassination, nepotism, tyranny, cultism left behind in 2015, and these, the State in no time would have gone into extinction because of God's wrath on the land. Today, we should show signs of gratitude for this Emmanuel on whose shoulders the Government of the State lies.

Beyond every reasonable doubt, 50% of this prophecy have we seen in reality and in that same faith, we await the manifestation of the remaining 50% come March next year. But as we await the manifestation of this, it's pertinent to note that the State through Governor Emmanuel has been redeemed from all satanic shackles that were in display between 2007-2015.  

Everyone would also attest to the fact that during the aforementioned time frame above, the State had experienced the reign of terror. This was a time where assassination, cult activities and kidnapping were all politically motivated strategies to silence majority of the State's political critics and to also send a certain entity in the State into a State of political insignificant.  

Some of our mothers who were seen as being outspoken in politics were not pardoned, as they were given the worst of all inhuman treatments. Those women who were found to be anti-incumbent power were kidnapped, raped, their private parts removed, and the body dumped in Akpan Andem Market and other places. This was a message sent to other women to refrain from criticizing the incumbent power. But today, they've re-convened again to perform their usual enterprise against the State.

This was our fate not until God sent His only son, Emmanuel to us in May 29th 2015, to help atone for our sins. This atonement was to stake everything within his reach even his life to make sure the sanity, sanctity and prospect of the State is maintained. This atonement was to make sure he works, and prays to God not to wipe off Akwa Ibom State from the face of the earth. This atonement was to make sure he applies all available skills in order to take away the N3.8trn debt burden of the State left behind by the tyrant king. The atonement was to make sure he strive effortlessly to eradicate assassination, kidnapping and cult activities in the State which the tyrant king used as strategies to stay in power comfortably. Now that these has been done, must we progress or go back to those dark days?  

Gov. Udom Emmanuel within three years has done what would take some governments 10years to do. Today in the State, unemployment rate has greatly been reduced. This is possible because of the 15 industries that have been built by this present dispensation. Our youths are no longer handling the tools of destruction, but have embraced the peaceful and productive policy of Gov. Udom Emmanuel by allowing themselves to be fixed up in several skill acquisition trainings courtesy of the State government. Our women are no longer queuing in politician's houses, thereby auctioning themselves off because of hunger. They're now owners of business firms courtesy of the Governor's business grants to traders and intended traders. Indeed, Gov. Udom Emmanuel has redeemed the State from the caterpillars of destruction.  

Through this precious gift, our health sector has been revamped. There was a time in this state where snakes and other crippling creatures had taken over some State owned hospitals, in some other cases, patients were always referred to other hospitals outside the shores of Akwa Ibom State. But today, Akwa Ibom State is the number one State in West Africa in terms of ultra modern medical equipment and functioning health sector.  

What we are seeing today in the State as a fight, has nothing to do with Akwa Ibomites. It's a fight instigated somewhere in order to disrupt the peace we've enjoyed for three and half years now. It's a fight to return us all to those dark days where our sisters were used as sex machines, our mothers raped, our brothers used as agents of destruction, and our fathers reduced to slavery and servitude. This was our fate before Emmanuel took over as governor of the State in May 29th 2015. So, are we ready to go back to those ugly days? 

If you no vote Udom Emmanuel again, weting you go gain? 

Merry Xmas to you from me

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