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Friday, January 25, 2019

Nsima's Sack: No need for the Resignation Euphemism


Unfortunately, the managing Director of the NDDC, Nsima Ekere has been ingloriously sacked. Intelligence reveal that this decision is suspended on a dual base; The result of massive protests and petitions of involvement in fraud against his person and the second being his refusal to resign his office as the MD of NDDC to "concentrate"  on his run for the governorship seat in Akwa Ibom state!

But why should the former NDDC boss, the APC and their friends now attempt to twist the facts? Why are we now reading after the news of his sack and the appointment of the new MD, that ONE resigned?

ONE would have given us a pre-notice in his character, we would have been reading letters of his resignation long before the Presidency made the pronouncement, we aren't all fools, ONE knows the effect of this sack and if he resigned, he sure would have made a story to his advantage. His media aides would have helped him coin all sort of elegant nonsense - "NSIMA RESIGNS HONOURABLY AFTER A MERITORIOUS SERVICE", but we didn't have that. If that were the case, I'd recommend an immediate sack of all his advisers.


We know this fact twisting is a lie; a lately conceived eupemism; the truth is now bitter, Nsima Ekere is sacked and that happened today, January 25, 2019. Sadly, Nsima resigned and his board members also resigned? such massive capacity!

And today he received an award as the Sun awardee for Public Service. Methinks he doesn't deserve such award, a man sacked from an office cannot be celebrated for his acts in the office, No! But I forgive the Sun for the award, the processes must have been completed before the revelations of his dirts earned him the sack.

But this man, why does he always leave office via a sack?

Oh Nsima, you that went shoulders high to NDDC have now returned with dropped shoulders, what a shame.

In my sober mind, I'm sad, as an Akwa Ibom citizen I am very sad, you should have stayed there in peace and with your senses, now your greed has made us lose our chance!

Adieu Nsima the 4 ONE 9 of APC

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