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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Nsima, Akpabio, the seven Black witches And six Indian Wizards:

...Is There No God In Our Land Again?


By Umani Uwemedimo

As the 16th February and 2nd March National and State elections elections draw near, a lot of saddening scenarios have  occurred and one may resort to asking, " after politics, what next? Well, it's always said that whosoever God want to destroy, He will at first make him to run mad, so I'm not surprised why some people are now acting like mentally sick satanic agents.

While some others are going about their normal campaigns, Nsima Ekere and his co traveler, Godswill Akpabio are engaging themselves in campaign of calumnies against Gov. Udom Emmanuel, Senator Bassey Albert and Barr. Onofiok Luke. Not just this, knowing how bad their scorecards are, they've also engaged themselves in certain diabolic activitism toward ensuring their success in the upcoming National and Gubernatorial pools respectively. This, they've inquired the help of the 6 Indian Witches and  7 Black Wizards. But, is it that there's no God in our Land again?

Since they no longer anchor their beliefs in the authenticity of God's words, they've hearkened to whatever the Indian deity, witches and the Black Wizards tell them. Because of their unalloyed loyalty to their new married-god, they're embarking on night campaign rallies which was one of the conditions for them stipulated by the combined services of the six Indian witches and the seven Black Wizards. This new development of conducting night campaign rallies depict their Satanic attributes and it has also gone a long way in creating great depth of concern in our minds. Why the night campaign rallies? Mkpo Nsima Ekere and Akpabio must always depict darkness. Only God knows how many of our sisters and daughters have gone down because of these unholy night gatherings of vultures.

Because they've become extremely desperate for power, Sen. Akpabio and his fellow combatant, Nsima Ekere have subdued themselves into the errand boys of the Indian Wizards and the seven Black witches. They've turned themselves into the field hunters, hunting innocent lives for the Indian deity. They're hunting the lives of the innocent Akwa Ibom people, and they'll never stop, even if it means sacrificing the entire State on the altar of the selfish ungodly ambition. During one of their rallies in Uyo, we heard how a female group was invited to his residential home for a special package, but till date, no one has known the whereabout of some of the members of that group. Where are they, or is it true that the Indian Wizards and Black witches have asked them to bury alive 31 young ladies, probably virgins in each of the Local Government to ensure their victory at February and March pools?

 Because they've sold themselves to the devil because of desperation, they've been given a secret broom and ring respectively. Sen. Akpabio's broom which was designed and given to him by one of the Indian Wizards, is a reflection of the stick of Wiccan Ipshita, one of the popular and strongest witches in India. Anyone this broom touches, the person becomes unperiodic, unreasonable and not useful to himself talk more of the community. No wonder the likes of Zion Umoh, Joseph Esu Ita Enang, Idong Ituen, Nse Ntuen, Gabriel Toby, et al are all victims of theses uncoordinated characters. Also, the Akwa Ibom APC Gubernatorial candidate at the other end was given a secret ring which has the insignia of Uran Mantra, the most terrific wizard in Mayong, the land of Black magic in India. The ring can at any point charm and influence human life negatively. No wonder he was chased from the palace of the Etinan Paramount Ruler when he went for his campaign consultation, maybe he had gone there to influence the traditional rulers into supporting his dead ambition with his ring, but the power of God overpowered the powers of ochahoho in his ring. No wonder his entourage struck down a primary school pupil in Okobo on his way back  from school, and we've head how more than 128 people have also been killed by his blood-possessed entourage. Pause and ask, why has Akpabio and Nsima Ekere introduced a strange god into our land?

Because they've desecrated the land by introducing a strange god into it. Because they've seek for the help of the six Indian Wizards and the seven Black witches neglecting and abusing the powers of the only true God, they'll surely lose their elections. Because they've shed the blood of the innocent people on the altar of their selfish ambitions. Because they love afflicting our people with miseries, because they've lured many innocent people into bowing to the strange Indian witches all because of stomach infrastructure, the presence of God has departed from them  and henceforth, their names shall be ' ICHABOD'. Next time they need blood, there will be none available, their blood shall serve them as that sweet wine. Next they need flesh, there'll be none available, but their flesh shall they feast on.
OH, there's ICHABOD in APC!

Umani Uwemedimo F. is an activist and public affairs analyst, writes this piece from Mubi, Adamawa State.

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