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Saturday, February 2, 2019


PDP Nat. Legal Adviser, Barr. Enoidem 

Otobong Nsekpong

The National Legal adviser of PDP, Barr Emmanuel Enoidem says senator Godswill Akpabio is a coward whose ancestry as an Annang man is in serious doubt.

Speaking at the PDP governorship rally in Etim Ekpo, Barr Enoidem said he grew up to know an Annang man as a courageous person and wondered why Senator Akpabio should run to the same party he disparaged in 2015.

"After feasting from the common wealth of PDP as a commissioner for six years, governor for eight years and as senator for three years you now run to another party. You are a coward".

"You paid your flight to London to apply to be a member of APC that you once described as a party for slaves. No sane person would campaign for Buhari who has destroyed Nigeria but because of fear, that is the man the senator  we sent to represent us is campaigning for to return to power for a second term. Come February 16, 2019 we will vote them out and  replace them with people who will give our people a voice and effective representation in the national assembly.

He also denied allegations contained in a petition signed by leaders of opposition party in the area regarding gun running saying he has never given gun to any son of Etim Ekpo to cause trouble before, during or after elections in Etim Ekpo and will never do that.
"Because they have failed elections already, they now resort to petition writing and I can assure them that come February 16, I will lead the people of Etim Ekpo to vote enmass for PDP and they will fail.

"The presidency is not a sick bed but a very demanding office, we cannot give it out to sick people"
He described the gubernatorial candidate of APC as a failure who was not good enough as a deputy governor but is now being promoted as a governorship candidate by the same people who did not see anything good in him as deputy governor.
"They have come with the theory of one term. If in 2011, Dr Goodluck Jonathan signed a one term agreement but in 2014 was persuaded by this same man to seek second term which resulted in the defeat of our at the centre, how can we believe him with the one term theory?
"The man they are promoting today is the same man who promised to complete the tenure of Akwa Ibom State as NDDC Managing Director but turned round to buy the seat for a fresh four year tenure. How can such a man be trusted with a one term agreement?" He queried.
Chief A.S. Akpan said the support for the reelection of Governor Udom Emmanuel is a generational burden on Annang people especially the younger generation who will tomorrow seek the support of other local government areas in Akwa Ibom State to actualize their gubernatorial ambition.
" We have decided to return you come 2019 as we did in 2015. We don't know how to derail and what we are doing today is to protect the interest of our youths and generation yet unborn. Others went for eight years  why should your case be different? We are here to protect our integrity for our children and you are going for a second term come March 2nd 2019."

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