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Sunday, April 7, 2019


Dr. Usoro Akpanusoh

Uwemedimo Umani

"The Ultimate measure of a man is not determined based on the decision he takes in  times of convenience and comfort, but based on the decision he takes in times of challenges and great compromise" -Martin Luther King.

Dr. Akpanusoh has said though his Party, the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, have  witnessed few trying times towards end of last year which caused a lot of politicians to jump ship into other parties. Akpanusoh said he was left with no other option than to stick to his party and as such, ready to cry, sing and jubilate with PDP, stating this entails true statemanship.

Addressing newsmen at his Uyo residence, the Member representing Esit Eket and Ibeno State Constituency at the State House of Assembly who also doubles as the Chairman House Committee on Finance and Appropriation stated emphatically that he never saw defection as his only option to succeed in his re-election bid because PDP which is the only party that can attract development to the people is already rooted across the entire wards  in the  State.

Dr. Akpanusoh made it known that since the inception of PDP in 1998, he has been in the party and has contributed his immensely in building and strengthening of the party which its devidends to the electorates has been massive empowerment, human capital development, facilitation of constituency projects, educational intervention / support  programmes for students studying in higher institutions of learning. In addition to these, the lawmaker re- echoed that he has given the people nothing outside effective representation right from when he was elected a Councillor of his Ward in 1999.

Reacting to the just concluded elections, Dr. Usoro said that the reason PDP won massively is because PDP is a practical  religion in the State. He maintained that the State Governor, HE Deacon Udom Emmanuel has restored peace and security in Akwa Ibom State. A state which in few years back was portrayed as a crime city but today, Udom Emmanuel has restored the sanity of the land thereby ranking it most peaceful City in Nigeria and West Africa. This to him was one of the determining factor that saw PDP through the elections with landslide victory. 

He commended Governor Emmanuel's ability to attract over 15 industries into the State within the space of 3years which automatically transformed  the State from a globally acknowleged civil service State to an industrial hub and payment of worker's entitilement  as at when due was said to be some of the prime factors that also contributed the success of his party, PDP.

The returning Law Maker faulted APC's activities during the build up to the general elections. He stated that instead of the APC to engage themselves in impacting campaigns, they were all moving from one radio station to the other shouting about Federal Might. He said APC where not ready for elections, they were only waiting on the Federal Might to influence the elections in their favor hence, thier reasons for not carrying out  any campaigns.

Akpanusoh, who has spent almost four years as a first term lawmaker said he has sponsored 15bills. He reiterated tat with this efficient representation with some other empowerment programmes done by him for Esit Eket and Ibeno people, his Party, PDP was confident of winning, so there was no need for him defecting to APC.

He added that the people who defected to the APC never had the interest of the people at heart, that all they were doing was to ensure their self-centered and ego is protected against all odds..

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