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Monday, May 13, 2019


It's been about three sittings now at the National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Uyo between Sen. Akpabio and Senator-elect, Dr Christopher Ekpenyong.

At all sittings, Akpabio has been absent and this is often contrasted by the Senator-elect, Dr Ekpenyong's obvious presence; he always comes in time and answers to his name with the alacrity of a soldier..."Present Me Looord".

Undoubtedly this speaks volume in the ears of all discerning minds; 

1) the one has no respect for the court, though a professing lawyer and law maker and the later has respect for the law, though an Engineer.

2) The one believes he can get justice with his wealth and affluence and the other believes in the due process of the law.

One would have thought to see a repented Akpabio at the Tribunal, one whom reality should have purged from the unwholesome thoughts of "I can do all things through my money in my accounts"...but NOT SO: Akpabio remains in his attitude;He has the Tribunal in his pockets, so he said, why put up an appearance?

He is busy in Abuja, they say he wants to be Chief of Staff. One is left to wonder why he is still in court...or does he desire to wear both toga? Senator- Chief of Staff Akpabio.

The End shall tell!

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