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Saturday, June 1, 2019


Barr. Mike Igini
It is no news that the members and chieftains of the All progressive congress ( APC) in Akwa Ibom State have renewed their media attacks on the Akwa Ibom state Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Mike Igini, accusing him of frustrating their chances of winning at the tribunal by hiring both online and print media to carry out an onslaught and smear campaigns of calumny, almost on daily basis, which to some political analysts, has become very worrisome and disturbing, especially on the grounds that their allegations against Igini are false, baseless and misleading.

The renewed media attacks, without any gain saying are as a result of the fact that Igini stood his grounds, by refusing to compromise the electoral process through monetary inducement, even after being invited to a meeting in Dubai and other places by some politicians in the state, who were hoping that he will compromise and, also their overdependence on the so call federal might, boasting of how they were going to win the election within three hours, calling on war on the entire state, with their war drums of " Warsaw will see war" instead of mobilizing the grassroot through voters education like what PDP did in all the units, wards, local and at the state level.

Out of frustration for their failures in the last election, where Nsima Ekere and Akpabio lost in a  disgraceful manner, the APC legal team are running amok, with the conditions that they want to recount the ballot papers recorded as valid votes, have access to re-operate  the card readers, take into custody all the original results issued by INEC for the elections and others, with claims that these materials are critical to their Case. This is really clear, that the members of APC in Akwa Ibom state  are without brains and very shameless and are trying to recount their failures.

It is very unfortunate that after Nsima Ekere lost in his ward with results signed at all the units of his wards before the presence of his party's agents, he want a recount of votes, which is not part of the electoral laws In respect to the order by the tribunal to inspect materials, indeed, it is a clear case of recounted failures.  For  Senator Udoedehe, Senator Ita Enang, Senator Akpabio, Umana Umana, Don Etiebiet, Ini Okopido, Senator Aloysius Etuk ,Ini obong John who is their propaganda machines to wish for a recount of votes even when they know how disgraceful they lost the elections, shows they are very shameless and idiotic set of people.

After their failed attempt to assassinate the character of Mr. Mike Igini, a man whose integrity has never been in doubt, with testimonies from people who has worked with him, known him in the cause of his duties over the years by linking it with electoral malpractice, insisting that he helped the peoples Democratic party to win the 2019 elections in the state,which is nothing but outright falsehood.

They have resorted to another line of falsehood, by linking their failures and the frustration of their legal team to understand what the rule of law says as regard election and tribunal issues to Mr. Mike Igini who is busy trying to ensure that all parties get justice, and also respecting the rulings of the tribunal.

Shortly after woefully losing the election in the State, Senator Akpabio, Obong Nsima Ekere, Senator Udoedehe, Ini Okopido and other APC chieftains started blackmailing each other with the stories that some of them were given money to mobilize the electorates, but they failed to do it and duped Nsima Ekere of billions of naira, without doing anything, with some loosing in their units, like Senator Udoedehe and others, with these accusations and counter accusations, members of APC in the state should be ashamed of themselves for trying to over heat the system, when they know within themselves that they lost  the elections before the eyes of everyone.

Richard Peters is from Uyo and not writing as a member of any political party, but as a concern citizen of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, who loves people that promote peace, invest on the lives of the people to encourage them to be good ambassadors.

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