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Friday, September 27, 2019


Ephraim Inyang

As part of his commitment to reposition the mindset of young people in Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District to embrace the industrial roadmap of Udom Emmanuel led administration, the Commissioner for Works in Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Ephraim Inyang-eyen today hosted the first Eket Senatorial District Roundtable with the theme: Building the Future aimed at inspiring and stimulating conversations on the way forward for economic and industrial development.

Setting tone for the discussion, Mr. Inyang-eyen in his opening remarks said that for Eket Senatorial District to take advantage of the numerous investment opportunities in the region, there must be total reorientation of the mindset of the people by not sitting at the fence to complain but rather engage their hands in fruitful ventures that will change the status quo.

"We have been complaining for so long. For how long are we going to complain? It's time to think and use our differences for our collective growth. The Governor has done so well in opening our Senatorial district massively with  quality roads. We need to make good use of this by being economically and socially empowered," said the Works Commissioner.

He noted that the Yorubas are leading in almost every facets of our economy and time is ripe for Eket Senatorial District people to take the bull by the horn to explore the numerous investment and business opportunities in the Senatorial District.

He emphasized strongly that it is insane for people to continue to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result, submitting that as long as we continue to be consumers without producing anything, we will remain poor financially. "As long as you remain a consumer, you can never be rich," Inyang-eyen submitted.

In her remarks, Sen. Helen Esuene who was the Chairman of the Roundtable thanked Mr. Inyang-eyen for putting up the event saying it is the first step toward harnessing fully the abundant potentials in Eket Senatorial District especially among the youth.

She said, "I believe that for us to be here, we have made a first step. Having made this step, we will reach a thousand miles. The essence of this round table is to open our eyes and minds towards harnessing our potentials to the fullest."

The Keynote Speaker, Prof. Effiong Johnson of University of Uyo advocated that Eket Senatorial District people should be prepared for the investment opportunity that Ibom Deep Seaport will present, advising that they shouldn't allow opportunity meet them unprepared.

"Don't make opportunity met you unprepared. If you don't talk about the future, it is likely you won't be there," Prof. Johnson stated.

Speaking on the topic: Priotizing Intellectualism in our Representative Democracy: The Udom Emmanuel Example, the Akwa Ibom State PDP Publicity Secretary, Comrade Ini Ememobong called on the educated to get involved in democratization processes and not allow the political space to be dominated by clowns who will then decide for the entire people, advising that it will be counterproductive for the intellectuals to watch from the sideline.

"There is need to consciously engage intellectualism in governance. Intellectuals must unify, that alone will serve our nation from the educated being led by clowns".

Other speakers posited that government and the political class must support and encourage initiatives that will make the Senatorial District productive. They were strongly opposed to "landing" in politics, describing it as a cankerworm that need to be exterminated to bring sanity to the system.

In his welcome remarks, the Coordinator of the Roundtable, Hon. Ubong Ekefre stated that the event is geared towards promoting entrepreneurship development among the youths of Eket Senatorial District. 

He added that the roundtable is also designed to identify the entrepreneurial interest of participants and empower them to fulfil their dreams and desires in line with the Dakkada philosophy of governor Udom Emmanuel led administration as it seek to inspire and stimulate conversations around the economic wellbeing of the people of the senatorial district.

The two day event is holding at the Banquet Hall of Eden Hotels Ltd, Eket and attended by youth across the twelve local government area in Eket Senatorial District.


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