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Friday, October 11, 2019


Frank Archibong 

By: Abasiama Etukakpan

Recently I read an article written by my big brother,Mr Ndiana abasi Udom on "the Millionaires in the Udom Emmanuel Government". This particular article was widely circulated for obvious reasons because the content written by the Ukanafun born philanthropist was very true and nothing but the truth.It got me thinking over so many issues and the  leadership problem  in the state currently but that is story for another day.

Immediately after that captivating article ,I saw a story and pictures of how the Executive Chairman of Eket Local Government Area,Hon. Frank Archibong donated a brand new car to his aide and also  laid foundation for the structure done by this his aide.I was delighted to see the legacy of the Council Boss among others.

To some people,what Hon.Frank Archibong did was normal for a boss to do for his servant but to me it was uncommon because I know the Eket Council Boss and his magnanimous lifestyle.Afterall there are very many bosses that dont even think in the direction of touching and changing the life of his servant no matter the years of service to him.Of course,this has been seen in every part of the world.

Not many leaders in our society today will have the belief and thinking to the extent of their "boys" having a house of their own or being a complete man. Many of them will think of paying  house rent for you yearly.I laugh and cry at the same time on what leadership is made to look like but thank God that Hon. Frank Archibong has changed the orientation about leadership at least in the level of grassroot.To me,he is the best Local Government Chairman in Akwa Ibom State,no argument about that.

It got me happy seeing Hon.Archibong laying the foundation stone for the building of his aide by himself and supporting the young man to own his own property.One of the lasting legacies of any man in life is to make him to be a land or house owner. Give any man a car and if he doesn't have any means of sustaining the car, it's useless for both the owner and the receiver.This is what many of our leaders dont know, but a land or house given to someone is till eternity and it will give him even a car tomorrow and another land in return.

I saw a new breed of leaders in the Council Boss of Eket in that picture.i saw a man who wants another man to grow and be successful.I saw a man who foresees the future and builds men for that future.I saw a man that has turned boys to men with the little God has blessed him with.I saw a leader in Frank Archibong and man who has the interest of others at heart.I saw a different leader with impeccable leadership mien,I saw a leader who has built institution rather than building men.I saw a man who has touched and changed lives of people positively.I saw a caring leader and a man of his words and many parts.

Interestingly,this is among the numerous life touching programmes of the Eket Council Boss. He has so far touched close to one thousand lives in Eket Local Government Area and his magnanimity is felt even by people outside Eket LGA.He is been  paying school fees for Eket Indigenes in tertiary institutions through scholarship,training of over hundred Eket People in various skills acquisition,Assisting of his people to start  lucrative businesses to earn a living rather than begging for a living,assistance of Eket People to be gainfully employed in Government ministries,agencies,multinationals and private organizations.These are among the many legacies of the Frank Archibong leadership records.

The outstanding records of Hon.Frank Archibong and his leadership style is rare.He is a fine gentleman with outstanding lifestyle and proven integrity in leadership.He is a rare breed and his rising profile in twenty first century leadership story is felt and touched by many in Eket Local Government Area and across the State.

He is a gift to this generation and a leader with style and class.He is a leader with excellence and track records yet to be met by his contemporaries.He is a fine gentleman that has endeared many people with his philanthropy and examplary style of governance.

To be FRANK,He is Turning Boys to Men and working effectively in Eket Local Government Area.!

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