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Monday, October 21, 2019


Recent investigations have revealed that there are many uncertainties that surround several media reports about the case between Distinguished Senator Emmanuel Ibokessien and Akwa Savings and Loans Limited. Although Senator Ibokessien has refused to speak about the issue since it is already in court, but an independent investigation is essential to avert a sudden mislead of the public to believe what is not true.

Truth, as upheld by its founding fathers is the hallmark of Journalism. This is because accuracy, truth, balance are among the fundamental ethics of the profession. But today, most media reports are decorated with falsehood and uncertainties, a heartbreaking malady that has bedevilled the noble profession. It was because of this malaise in the profession that led to the recent verbal earthquake linked to a statement credited to a media veteran Ray Ekpu, who was in Akwa Ibom for a media retreat. Although some persons, especially quarks, are offended by it, but truth remains that there are many quarks in the system than professionals.

It must be noted that the issue of the founder of Ritman Schools, consisting of Nursery/Primary, Colleges and University, distinguished Senator Ibok Essien is unnecessarily overblown in the media, which many perceives to be the handiwork of those who are threatened by his rising profile in the educational sector of the  Nigerian State.

Absolutely, it is not out of place to get a loan for the running of businesses. Infact, this is one of the major essence of obtaining loans from banks. Available report shows that  the figures as published in the media are not correct, and stories behind the said loan loaded with inaccuracies.

It must be noted that Ritman College of Agriculture, Science and Management Studies is different from Ritman College, Ritman Nursery/Primary School as well as Ritman University. They are different entities. Our finding shows that only Ritman College of Agriculture, Science and Management Studies limited  obtained the said loan from Akwa Savings and Loan Limited, and the loan is performing.
Investigation revealed that the Bank has refused to reconcile its account with Ritman college of Agriculture, sciences and management studies limited but instead took to an option of rushing to the media and the court.

According to an impeccable source, it is discovered  that there were some fraudulent transactions in the account with Akwa Savings and Loans limited which requires serious reconciliation. The source disclosed that a consultant has been hired by the institution(Ritman college of Agriculture, Sciences and management Studies limited) to resolve the issues,  however, it is said that the bank refused to reconcile with the institution and rather rush to the Court to pray for the purported winding up of the Institution. It is therefore improper for the bank to pray the court to wind up Ritman college of Agriculture, Science and Management Studies Limited.

Since this issue was brought to limelight, and the defendant(Ritman College of Agriculture, Science and Management Studies limited) in a swift move filed its defense in Court against the purported petition filed by Akwa Savings and Loans limited for the winding up of the institution, the Bank is yet to give a response to the issues raised by the defendant, rather prayed the Court to adjourn the case to a later date. The bank is yet to recognize and clear the air to ascertain whether Ritman College of Agriculture, Science and Management Studies Limited is owing the bank or the other way round.

Interestingly, Ritman College which is listed as one of the 50 best schools in Nigeria has an unbeatable record in 100 percent passes in both WAEC and NECO over the years. The school has also come out tall in many competitions organised by different bodies. The several successes recorded has continued to increase the population of the school. This equally speaks volume about the man behind Ritman Schools, a manager of no mean repute who would never eat back his words.

It is also worthy of note that the Institution has not put its staff through hard times as reported, though like any other organization is prone to rationalize its workforce at any point in time.

Such media attacks aimed at damaging the reputation of the distinguished senator and academic who is equally diligent in his business should be condemned at all cost.
Since the issue is already in court, paid media dogs should suspend their barking while the court continue in their responsibility.

It is very callous for the profession if quarks are allowed to thrive unperturbed. Contracting a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and the legal fee to be paid is not anyone's business, hence the media hype is unnecessary. It is a sign that is consistent with many self-acclaimed Journalists who are lost and deficient in truth, accuracy, objectivity and balance.

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