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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Gov Emmanuel And King Solomon: Two Kings of A Kind

Gov Udom Emmanuel

Whenever the name ' King Solomon' is mentioned, what comes to mind is, a wise, passionate, laborious and efficient leader. All these reflect the tendencious attributes of the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel. One may be forced to postulate that Udom Emmanuel is synonymous to King Solomon.

Upon his assumption of office as king in Israel, Solomon was faced with an unimaginable scenario. Such was our fate as residents of Akwa Ibom before the emergence of Deacon Udom Emmanuel as governor of Akwa Ibom State.

Akwa Ibom before now had recorded uncountable cases of politically motivated kidnapping and assassination. These acts were perpetrated by over zealous and desperate politicians inorder to safeguard their political interests or ambitions. The state was considered by foreigners as the 'fortress of terror'. But Governor Udom Emmanuel upon assumption of office saw the mishaps these had caused the state, hence moved immediately to restoring  peace in the land. " No political aspiration is worth any life of our brother or sister", this the governor kept echoing, putting everything in place to checkmate it. Today, the politically motivated killings and kidnapping disappeared from the State just like wars disappeared in Israel during the reign of King Solomon.

A lot of people may say, " peace is never an achievement", but if possible, I would advise the naysayers to peregrinate to the past, taking proper accounts of the wars King David had fought in his days and that of King Solomon. I believe by the time they return to the present, they would be left with no other choice than embrace the kingship of the Solomon of today, Governor Udom Emmanuel. They would reconsider peace as being the greatest achievements of any government on earth.

Governor Emmanuel during the build up to the general elections in 2015 had asserted  that if elected as governor, he would transpose the status of the State from a civil service State to an industrious hub. Today, we've seen the  fulfilment of his asseveration as many industries  already are operational in the State, while others are still under construction and expected to be ready soon respectively. He's also consolidating on the infrastructural amenities of the past adminstrations. Indeed Governor Emmanuel is a worthy successor.

It's so unfortunate that in this part of the world, politicians or public office holders are reasoned to be Central Banks or Automated Teller Machines ( ATM) which dispense cash. But one thing they've failed to take into cognisance is the fact that even ATMs at times refuse to regurgitate cash. In a scenario as this, would one smack or pasquinade the cash Machine? Governor Emmanuel has received so many slaps already sequel to his efforts to manage our resources judiciously.

His government has been considered as the only government that has built more industries in the history of Africa's governance. The naysayers are of the belief that Udom Emmanuel is starving the citizens with the excuse of building industries. They believe it is not right for him to have ventured into such giant projects, but would have stood in the Stadium, call the entire citizens to share them money anyday the State's allocation arrives from FAC. The former government even while they had promised 31 industries across the State did not just fail in delivering their campaign promises, but had wasted the same funds meant for these 31 industries in funding birthday parties, self possession of luxuries and sponsorship of media hypes. I wouldn't blame my people for lampooning the present government for not lavishing our resources as the past government. They're used to the doctrine of reckless, unwanted spendings and looting.

Just like Mr Emmanuel, King Solomon was lampooned for venturing into the building of God's temple. The Israelites believed the King was harsh and wicked to have forced them to work day and night towards erecting the pillars of the temple. They believed the King would have feted them in merriments throughout his reign. But alas, the temple brought down the presence of God and the people felt the prosperity in the land accordingly.

The industries brought into Akwa Ibom State,  though they have employed graduates already, may not mean anything to some cynics. I believe few years from now when Akwa Ibom would become a destination for job hunting just like Dubai and Lagos, Governor Udom Emmanuel will be remembered just as we've always remembered King Solomon and the temple he built for God.

Just like King Solomon, Gov. Udom Emmanuel is a worthy successor that even his predecessors are happy with.

Umani Uwemedimo is an Activist and Public Affairs Analyst, writes this piece from Abuja

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