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Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Ivy-Ima Asukwo

The Akwa Ibom State before the emergence of Mr. Udom Emmanuel as governor in 2015 was a State globally rumored and confirmed as a city devoid of peace and security. This has demonstrated the fact why no industry could thrive successfully in the State within these years.

Excluding of the politically motivated assassination, kidnapping, cult activities as well as thuggery that were rampant in the State, communal war was dominant in some rural communities of the State. More lives and valuable properties were ruined. To be safe, these rural communities were deserted which automatically, sending a red signal to investors, tourists and residents. Development which is the key focus of  Governor Udom Emmanuel led administration was stagnated. This was the fate of Ukanafun, Oruk Anam, Etim Ekpo amongst others.

Mr. Udom Emmanuel ascertaining the hazard the menace 'insecurity' had caused us as a State, swung into action, combing all nucks and crannies for possible avenues where it could be completely eradicated. Security agents were deployed to these areas with sophisticated weapons provided for them to combat this menace, its sponsors and perpetrators. To aide quick response to crime areas, fleet of new vehicles were donated to the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies in the State.

Having achieved this, road contractors who had vacated sites in these troubled areas for the safety of their lives had long returned to sites, investors had also visit, drawing out plans to invest in these areas. Indigenes and residents who had deserted the areas have as well returned to these areas, again stimulating developments.

Because it's generally said that whatsoever affects the eyes if not properly managed, may concurrently affect some other parts of the body. With this, the rationale behind the  governor's drastic choice of  declaring state of emergency on insecurity would not be far fetched. The menace would have drifted into some other critical areas of the State thereby affecting our economy. Akwa Ibom people in home and diaspora are happy that Udom Emmanuel has returned the long-yearned peace in the State.

With Udom's peace and security in our localities, we should expect to see more developments and economic revamped.

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