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Thursday, January 9, 2020


Mr. Udom Inoyo

“Ita Usoh It is unfortunate that you use the term psychophancy . I have no interest in Akwa Ibom politics but speaking as one that worked for over a decade with Udom Inoyo and has seen that he is not inclined towards ethnic biases when dealing with people. I never knew him till we met at work place where the gap between us was so wide that the average Nigerian at his position won’t let you come close to him. Surprisingly Udom Inoyo was so accessible that at some point I wished I could be like him. I won’t engage in psychophancy because I am not looking for any favour from him as I have eased out since four years ago.

I just wish we don’t destroy people based on very narrow knowledge of the person or what others tell us about them. Talking about charity beginning at home, it is the scourge that is killing this country today. Our national security apparatus is virtually a Hausa/Fulani assembly because our president wants his people to see him as carrying his people along. I am sure you are not happy with the composition neither are you comfortable with a national executive council where over 90 percent of the members are of one ethnic extraction. We need more detribalised Nigerians like Udom Inoyo who will make appointments based on merit. I wish Akwa Ibom good luck as they match towards 2023. In Political science we talk of impersonal decisions in interpersonal relations. This explains why Udom Inoyo will not deliberately ignore company policies and procedures in dealing with official issues just because majority of those impacted are his people.”

According to relaible informations gathered, Mr. Udom Inoyo is said to be a very simple man that all region, human being, tribe want to be like.

A man that do what more state government cannot do for many years, he uses his hard earning money to sponsor many schoolarship, paid teachers just to make sure his people have best future tomorrow.
Barr. Inoyo is not just a man, he is a man of tomorrow, Vision, capacity, industrious, humidity, respect, and fear of God.
What again do we need from a good leader that you won’t see in Udom Inoyo?

This is Simeon Menegbo Replies in a  Comment On Facebook About Inoyo:

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