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Sunday, February 9, 2020


Mike Enyong

I lost my parents in my level 100 and 200 respectively and since then, life became miserable for me. I hardly fed well. Payment of my tuition fees and other Departmental and Faculty charges were completely unattainable. I was tossed about by lecturers and students who knew my background, and this made everything uneasy for me.

Since I couldn't afford an accommodation, I was squatting with a church member who tried everything he could to make sure I was comfortable. Though he was not from a rich home, his condition was better than mine because he had big siblings, parents and other relatives. Mine was worst because as the only child of my parents, my uncles had claimed the little properties my parents had. So I was left with no one and nothing to hold on.

My Head of Department who understood my plight was able to offer me clearance  to partake in every semester's examinations and other assessments. But after my degree exams, I needed to pay all my outstanding debts in school so I could be mobilized for service.

I started working as a receptionist in Mirrage Hotel, Calabar where I was paid N10, 000 every month. Even if I had worked there for a full year, I wouldn't still have been able to gather up funds for my debts in school. So I need to look for help anywhere.

I was left with no option than to start telling my problem to people. One day, a young man walked into our hotel. After I had served him, he called and asked where I was from. When he got to know my condition, he complained he's broke but that he can give me some contacts I could call for help.

I got the contacts and immediately, I dropped all of them a message. Later the following morning, I tried calling the three contacts he gave me but only one responded to the call. " Ekemini I've seen your message, but I'm currently in a breakfast meeting with the Minister. I'll get back to you in some hours". This was the reply I got from one of the contacts who happened to be Hon. Mike Enyong.

I asked some of my friends if they knew the man but the replies they gave me made me discouraged. They told me Mike Enyong was a 419 that he'll never help me. So I never hoped on him getting back to me as promised.

After one week that, I had forgotten everything and accepted my fate, a strange number called me and when I picked up the phone, it was Mike Enyong. We talked for about an hour. I told him all I've passed through and on the background, I could hear him wept. He dropped the call, sent me a message demanding for my account details. I had told him I need about N176,000 to clear my outstanding debts in school. Few hours later, I got an alert of N500,000.

For hours, it was like I was dreaming, but the reality was that it wasn't a dream. I rushed to my school to clear all my debts. I got a new phone and I uploaded all the transactions to him on Whatsapp. But till I went for service and came back, he never replied.

I served in Jos and the cost of life there was okay, so I was able to make some savings. After my service year, I dropped him a message online appreciating him for the financial help he offered me. Some weeks later, Mike Enyong dropped me a chat on Whatsapp. " Congratulations. Go to the Federal Ministry of Labour and get your employment letter".

I had thought it was a joke, but when I reached Abuja, I discovered that he had worked for me to have a permanent job at the Ministry.

I've been trying to meet him in person so I could express my heartfelt gratitude but each time I try, he's not always there. This is the main reason I'm writing so that he'll know how grateful I am should incase he sees this.

Ekemini Williams Ukpong from Idu Uruan, Akwa Ibom State

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