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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Homeless Pregnant Woman: Prince Enobong Uwah Intervenes

Enobong Uwah

The Assisted Homeless pregnant women

By Enobong Ituen

Friday, April 17 2020 will remain  a miracle in the life of Ms Blessing Okon Akpan, a pregnant, homeless girl from Obot Akara Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State whose home, prior to this date was the street of Ikpa Road, by the main gate of the University of Uyo town campus. She will remember this day as the day that heaven sent strangers to wipe her tears of homelessness, sooth her of the pains of hunger and to rescue her from the shame of "presumed" insanity.

Recall that on Wednesday April 15, 2020, the story of a pregnant young girl, sleeping under a pedestrian bridge at Ikpa road became an issue of state concern as pictures of Ms Akpan, sleeping under a bridge with her pregnancy attracted many shares and comments, especially on the Uyo facebook community and drew the sympathy of many. I was tagged to most of the posts by people who considered her situation a "Public Affairs Concern" with the reference "THIS IS PUBLIC AFFAIRS". Many considered her mad, others judged her worthy of her sufferings, as the pregnancy she carried gave her the label of indiscipline. As it turned out, Ms Akpan is not mad, she is a victim of society, a little careless maybe, who met her "Christ" through Hon. Enobong Uwah of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Hon. Enobong Uwah (the Champion of Uyo), philanthropist, political enigma and Chairman, Uyo Capital City Development Authority was among the many who saw the trend of Ms Akpan, he considered her situation and decided to model Christ to the broken Ms Akpan. According to him he saw a girl the Lord had not condemned and willingly submitted his heart and hands to the service of the Lord in providing a shelter for the hitherto homeless Ms Akpan. These were his words when he Commissioned me to ensure that Ms Akpan had a shelter within 48 hours.

Today, she has a roof over her head, courtesy of Mr Uwah, today, she has food to eat, and there is even greater hope of many more things to come. Life for Ms Akpan has received a full turnaround principally by the benevolence of the Champion of Uyo Politics.


Ms Akpan has been sheltered, but Ms Akpan needs more - more food items, more clothes, more finances as she will be due for delivery by next month, a viable business for her sustenance and more prayers and goodwill. MS AKPAN'S LIFE WILL BECOME A TESTIMONY, BE PART OF THE MAKING.

For Donations of Cloths or food items, please call Mfonobong @  08146498258 and for donations in cash, send same to Mfonobong David,
GT Bank, 0253234228.

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