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Monday, October 26, 2020


Jerryz EDOHO

On Sunday, 18 October, 2020, I stumbled on a feebleminded concocted  article against the person and Office of the Chief of Staff to the governor, Akparawa Inyang-Eyen, on the Facebook timeline of one Gideon Ekere, a notable blackmailer whose conscience and professional standing are incorrigibly  battered.

The caption of the article "Blind Emperor" prompted my firm attention to carefully read through in between the lines to enable me succinctly capture the writers true intent of resulting to mischievously and irrationally appraise Akparawa Ephraim Inyang's worthy and inspiring  character.

Gideon Ekere, in his psychologically diminishing cerebral status labeled the revered Chief of Staff as being wicked and arrogant by ordering for the demolition of a holy altar just because the church flouted Covid-19 protocols but, failed to have stated the moral  justification or government laid down principle for a church to operate without compliance to COVID-19 safety protocols under the pandemic period.  

The writer, in his incoordinated attempt to traduce the former works boss also alleged that soon after the appointment of Mr. Ephraim Inyang-eyen as then works commissioner, the later became selfishly expensive, lived a kangaroo lifestyle forcing many to believe he’s for good; but down in his hearts, Idolatry wallows so high. So, to Gideon Ekere's defective vision and inconsequential reasoning, men of integrity who have refused their conscience to be tinted are classified as "Blind Emperor"?  Can he substantiate his position in the court of law?

The writer's fallacious conclusion has caused him not to reference Inyang-eyen whom hitherto has remained fairly committed to every task before him which even his antagonists are  secretly applauding. 

Truth be told, In the compendium of Akwa Ibom State Commissioners for Work since 1999, I am yet to see a politician who have charismatically walked the path of truth with earnest commitment and display of resilience without bias and ethnic sentiment until the coming of Akparawa Ephraim Inyang-enyen, immediate past works commissioner and current Chief of Staff to the governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

An objective review on the true character of Akparawa Ephraim Inyang-enyen, will reveal to anyone that he is principled,  passionate about excellence and a generous leader of high ecclesiastical status committed to his duties and never accept shoddy job execution. 

Inyang-eyen, has positively turned around the fortunes of the poor, widows and less privileged hence the reason he is nicknamed "Mr. Charity". He is one rare leader whose trademark for excellence, subscription to moral principle and leadership characteristics has endeared him to many.

Again, I ask Gideon Ekere, the fallacious monster, Can a visionary leader who has remained committed and poise to ensuring he structurally reduced poverty and suffering of his people by which communities become more responsible, be referred to as "Blind Emperor"?

It is therefore glaring that Gideon Ekere's injudicious assessment has  gotten his moral and ethical functionality beclouded by ethnic sentiment and psychological trauma. His inability to  understand that commitment and dedication to duty, humanitarian service, philanthropy and inclination to development have earned Akparawa Inyang-Eyen laudable honours within and in the diaspora has further unveiled the writers naivity and incautiousness which the general public should totally disregard.

One who is not conversant with Inyang-eyen's pragmatic leadership style may easily subscribe to the series of sponsored false publication of the writer that the Chief of Staff has no legacy recorded while he served as Commissioner for works. Despite the Federal government's inability to construct any health laboratory or single Project in Akwa Ibom State, he flagrantly refused to have acknowledge the selfless effort, resilience and commitment of the then workaholic works Commissioner who supervised from foundation the commissioned 300-bed Isolation and Infectious Disease treatment centre, located within the Methodist General Hospital, Ituk Mbang, Uruan LGA. Once again, can a man who is selfish and arrogant according to Gideon Ekere, be so dedicated and committed to the reality of such legacy project?

This writer, whose article was targeted at brewing hatred against the Chief of Staff,  deliberately due to his non-conformity with the reality of government and governance in the State, carelessly ignored to acknowledge the excellent supervisory roles carried out by Mr. Inyang-eyen during the construction of Nto-Edino-Ekwarasu road which will link up Akwa Ibom State with Abia, from Obot Akara axis. He also stated in his ill-judged article that roads in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district are not constructed without making reference to Obotme-Arochukwu road, which links Ini Local Government Area with the Northern part of Abia State and Ikot Ibritam Road in Oruk Anam that connects Akwa Ibom State with Rivers State. Does this not evidently substantiate the writers dysfunctional state of mind and  obvious ignorance?

That the Chief of Staff, whose proven track record of integrity and transparency which earned him the appointment as Grand patron of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, South-South Zone, distinguishably portrays the writer as an innate liar and promoter of ethnic unity.

While we advice the general public to disregard the sponsored false publication, we wish to also inform him to immediately submit himself for an advance professional mentoring inline with ethics of Journalism profession. 

Let it be known that Ephraim Inyang-eyen that we all know and proud to have him as one of our noble leader has never failed and no amount of deceitful tendency and negative aspersion employed by haters would deter him to walk against the path of excellence and truth for the actualization of the completion Agenda of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

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