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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Akwa Ibom of our dream: Governor Emmanuel's formula

Rev'd Richard Peters 

A leader is not necessarily one who is in front of others. Rather, a person who is able to show others the future and also has the capacity to take them to that future. And we have seen such capacity in Gov. Udom Emmanuel.

In the words of Peter Drucker, "Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights, the raising of a performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations". This perhaps explains why Gov. Emmanuel is able to show Akwa Ibom people the future they never saw, yet he is able to take them to that future against all odds and normal/familiar limitations.

We have watched Gov. Emmanuel stepped into developmental terrains that never crossed an average mind, and some that an average leader can never dare. Yet, he has successfully proven to all that nothing is impossible by breaking limits and invading developmental territories that were considered an exclusive preserve of Western nations.

This is what leadership entails, and the governor has not settled on his laurels, despite the achievements recorded so far, but will continue to raise his performance to a higher standard in line with the completion agenda.

Governor Udom Emmanuel came to unlock that potentials in us and also secured opportunities where those potentials could be put to use. Hence, the huge investment in the oil and gas, agriculture, ICT and health.

He first decided to remodel the mindset of many who felt they could only survive by begging and running around politicians. He planted the "I can do it spirit" in many through the Dakkada initiative. He ensured that everyone believes in themselves and then, he flooded the state with industries.

Today, many Akwa Ibom people are gainfully employed and some are doing well in various entrepreneurial activities, including farming.

Gov. Emmanuel has not stopped unlocking the potentials of people, especially the youths. Many of them have been trained in ICT abroad and within to prepare them for the 21st century business model.

Today, an average Akwa Ibom son/daughter is self-reliant. Nobody waits any longer for "okuk politics". This is a typical Akwa Ibom spirit, reactivated by the focused and result-oriented leadership of Gov. Udom Emmanuel, the man who sees tomorrow.

He has not only shown us the future, but he has brought the future to Akwa Ibom. Many investors are trooping in their numbers to the state to establish businesses and partnering with the state government to make sure life is beautiful through various business models. Indeed, Akwa Ibom is the future of Nigeria, and the future is Akwa Ibom.

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