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Sunday, May 30, 2021


Six years after Governor Udom Emmanuel assumed office as Governor of Akwa Ibom State with a promise of sustaining superior performance, history has been boldly rewritten to reflect an irregular idea conceived from the humanity perspective, which has brought hope to the future of Akwa Ibom indigenes (born and unborn). The Akwa Ibom story has transcended the shores of our common heritage and has budded the economy of our dear state to weather the storms of the unseen future. 

A typical AkwaIbomite through the Dakkada Ideology has awaken to the sense of self realization that truly, from the thatched house in the riverine areas of Atabrikang, Okposo, or Odio communities, he can rise to become the best of his kind despite the odds, setting paces and trails of expertise, beating his reach and coming top for his generation – these philosophy of self-realization of greatness that is imbued in us all is conspicuously acknowledged and more appreciable.Through a recessive economy as witnessed in the first four years of Udom Emmanuel’s administration, Akwa Ibom under his watch developed a culture of investment in vibrant institutions, even in neglected sectors of the economy, he took a conscious SWOT analysis that swung the pendulum of investment in the area towards viability. Today and gradually, the economy of our dear state is shifting from the dependency on Federal allocations to an Industrialized State of which established paradigm now enables prompt payment of salaries with or without receipt of federal allocation.We can remember vividly when the administration nursed the idea of investing in the aviation sector which berthed #IbomAir months after the Federal Government had launched Nigeria Airline Logo for billions of our taxpayers money and made it public, cynics and enemies of Akwa Ibom made mockery of Udom Emmanuel's  determination to succeed in the abandoned sector, they even called it a scam, but today, the scam #IbomAir is the most sought-after airline in the country, the Scam #IbomAir as  antagonists tagged it recently celebrated her 100k flights record without incidences thereby, taking over the aviation industry and proving our “all is possible” creed to be realizable.Carefully, we have followed the promise of an industrialized Akwa Ibom State coming to fruition in your watch, when the country was inundated with insufficient syringes in Nigeria hospitals, Gov Udom Emmanuel, a focused and resilient leader took the bold step and assiduously invested in syringe manufacturing, today, JSM made in Akwa Ibom syringes is a global brand , thus marketing Akwa Ibom to the world. 

We will not be appreciative, if we fail to note that the Kings Flourmill produced in Akwa Ibom has dominated the flour market in Nigeria, the metering company is providing quality and affordable meters to Nigeria homes, the plywood factory is leading in wood supplies and, we are now witnessing more job opportunities with expansion capacities for qualified Akwaibomites. The industrialization drive of this administration has also birthed the Coconut refinery which will commence operations soon. The yet to commence Petro-chemical factory, the envisaged Ibom deep seaport and many others, are evidence of a very proactive and people-centric leadership driven by an egghead that should be encouraged and supported for greater dividends of democracy. We have witnessed the vigorous pursuit of this administration to serve Akwa Ibom people from the spread of the dreaded coronavirus during the offshoot of the outbreak with the building of a 300-capacity facility designed to contain Modernized Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Administrative Block, Clinical Laboratories and the all-encompassing revamp in the health sector which has seen general hospitals across the state wear new looks with modern functional medical equipments to assuage the wants in the sector and give succor to health needs of the people.

Over twenty years ago, Akwa Palm Industry was a forgotten history and the entire plantation became a thick forest, but, Governor Udom Emmanuel considered the  reactivation of the moribund Akwa Palm Industry as one of the footprints to be chronicled in the archives of this  government.

It is also worthy to note the administration’s input in the education sector, the provisions of suitable learning ambience for public primary and secondary institutions, state tertiary institutions, the free and compulsory education scheme and the quality road infrastructural network spread across the state; ongoing and commissioned, are testaments of Governor Emmanuel's selfless commitment to the actualization of the Akwa Ibom of our dream.Obviously, the golden signature of this administration is perfectly clear. It  is six years of visible achievements devoid of bovarism, six years of quality service delivery to Akwa Ibom people, as a people who has followed the trail, read the scorecard as strategically placed that has added fillip to our economy, the leadership and members of Eket Federal Constituency Media Professionals (EFCMP) are satisfied with the selfless pursuit to revolutionize Akwa Ibom for the betterment of the people by the Udom Emmanuel’s administration and has made a commitment to encourage, support and continue in promoting the policies and programs of this administration, while we move along with His excellency to successfully actualize his Completion Agenda and in his future endeavors. 

Edet Edet

Publicity Secretary

Eket Federal Constituency Media Professionals


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