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Saturday, May 8, 2021



While Akwa Ibom State is still clad in utter shock over man’s inhumanity to another man, and in sympathy with the family of Miss. Iniobong Umoren, the young graduate of Philosophy from the prestigious University of Uyo, who was lured with the bait of job offer by one Uduak Frank (now in police custody), who turned around to kidnap, rape, and finally murder her in cold blood and bury her in a shallow grave, a self-acclaimed activist, Barr. Inibehe Effiong, in his usual desperado antics is going about to incite Akwa Ibom people against the Udom Emmanuel’s administration with twisted facts, and spurious allegations.

Under the guise of griefing over the unfortunate calamity, Inibehe is conscientiously going round media houses to heap blames on the state government with spurious allegations that further choke and inflame the polity.

Why we are compelled to join issues with Inibehe Effiong in his devious release is because Inibehe has left his supposed clever parts of reasoning in the bedroom of hatred for a government that has sacrificed its best part putting things in segments to alleviate the sufferings of her people, and also because he has never for once accepted the fact that no sane society wakes to fully eradicate or provide 100% societal needs in one day, and that the foundation to getting these things fixed the right way, for optimum output result must be laid, which is what the Udom Emmanuel’s administration has done with a view of eradicating poverty, unemployment and restiveness in the nearest future.

Understanding the theatrics of his supposed theories of activism – the blame game tactics is what Inibehe has unswervingly resorted to in every issue that revolves around Akwa Ibom State government, which is always at variance with the status quo, trying to twist facts with his biles to upsurge his popularity and portray himself as an activist.

Rather than call for a press conference to address the issues of rape, murder and other nefarious vices threatening the collective wellbeing of the people, and the unjust inhuman way of selling human parts, his contributions to mitigate the challenges of Akwa Ibom people  in terms of private job creation, he is rather blaming the state government for actions of a cannibalistic agent of darkness, whose stock in trade is being discovered to include  luring innocent young girls using different guises to rape, murder and decapitate their body parts for monetary and ritual gains.

Is Inibehe aware that in the graveyard home of impious Ubong Frank and his cronies, many other shallow graves, uniforms and books of secondary school students and their scandals were also discovered- will that also be attributed to unemployment, or is it the Udom Emmanuel’s administration that has eroded sanity from God’s creature?

Blaming a government that has invested judiciously, building viable entities like the Syringe manufacturing company, flour mill, metering company, coconut refinery, fertilizer blending and the aviation sector which gave birth to the state owned airline #IbomAir, of which we are certain Inibehe flew in it for the Press Conference is utterly petty and exposes everything he says to be hate-filled and bias.

As far as we are concerned, no democratic government in Akwa Ibom State has invested in the future of the state like what Governor Udom Emmanuel is doing, even though NBS report has put the unemployment rate at 51% of which its methodology also put factors that give rise to such statistics to include illiteracy, lies and misinformation, Inibehe should know that Governor Emmanuel’s investment to deflect the rate of unemployment is a priority that can never be compromised.

It's really very sad that people who claim to have sane minds like Inibehe Effiong are trying to politicize the death of Iniubong Umoren, by putting the blame on unemployment. He should be well guided on the issue and not divert from the main issue which is rape, murder and sales of body parts not unemployment. With or without unemployment, Uduak Akpan and his gang of body part dealers will still use other baits to lure, maim and kill our innocent children.

 There is no need digressing from the situation we are facing, the black race never blamed Minnesota county for the death of George Floyd even when it was done by a badge of the county, so let’s stop this blame game and join hands with Akwa Ibom State government to purge the state of cannibals like Uduak Frank and his likes. 

If Inibehe has genuine facts that Akwa Ibom State Government has breached the law or the constitution it swore to protect, he should visit the court as a lawyer and stop insulting our sensibilities with his desperate measures of cowardice.

Comrade Jerry Edoho - Chairman   

Mfon Bassey - Secretary 

Edet Edet –Publicity Secretary

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