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Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Mr. Udom Inoyo

As the search for Akwa Ibom's next Governor thickens, the Chairman of Civil Liberties Organization (CLO) in the State, Mr. Franklyn Isong has added his  voice to those who prefer Mr. Udom Inoyo as the next Governor of the state.

Identifying capacity to attract investments locally, nationally and internationally thereby providing massive employments and the competence to drive the economy of the state as key indicators, Mr. Isong noted that Udom Inoyo was the best bet for Akwa Ibom State. 

“I am tempted to x-ray  two personalities. If I am asked to make a choice for the office of the Governor from both of them, Inoyo has better local, national and international connections to drive the economy of the State better than Umo Eno", the CLO Chief wrote in his RADAR Newspaper chat Group yesterday. 

Giving weight to the declaration by that outstanding civil rights  and public affairs commentator, a leading political strategist in the state embedded in the camp of the former Vice Chairman of ExxonMobil Companies in Nigeria, noted that “Mr. Udom Inoyo has so far conducted himself with class, has displayed maturity, humility and respect for constituted authority while focusing on his politicking without distracting the sitting Governor. He does not try to compete for space by being seen everywhere like some others do. Mr Inoyo has not heat up the polity, the man has acted professionally, showed depth and vision in his engagements. He is absolutely committed to the completion agenda of the present Government and people know that he has the capacity to complete the agenda and add more value to the state.”

According to the strategist who pleaded anonymity, “Some aspirants have already put up themselves as Governors-in-waiting, forgetting the story of Adonijah in the Bible”, adding that, “for those who may not remember the story, let them be reminded that Adonijah was one of the sons of King David in Israel, when King David was old and about to transit, Adonijah set up himself as the King-elect, but it was Solomon who finally got the nod to succeed King David."

The CLO Chairman's reasons for preferring Mr. Inoyo fit the considerations outlined on two separate occasions by Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, while enumerating the qualities of his prospective successor. The Governor first reeled out such details in his 6th anniversary broadcast to the people of Akwa Ibom State. Governor Udom Emmanuel, for the  second time, in October, 2021, at far away University of Nigeria, Nsukka, while delivering the 2021 Founders Day Lecture of the University also highlighted the requirements for his prospective successor.

In his May 29th Statewide Broadcast to mark his sixth year as Governor, Mr. Emmanuel had outlined the profile of his potential successor. He also presented the profile of the the kind of person Akwa Ibom people should not have as Governor. 

” Let me now ask my dear Akwa Ibomites: Do you want a successor who will cancel out all the great works we have started, the peace we currently enjoy and return us to the years when violence and kidnapping reigned...? Do you want a successor who will come with anger towards all we have done, as opposed to continuing with the great works we have started? Do you want a leader whose approach to testing his popularity would be to drive in a long convoy to Ibom Plaza and throw money at the hapless people, watching them scramble for the money and people would say that is 'Ano Owo Mkpo'! Is that the kind of successor you want? Is that the kind of empowerment our people deserve? Someone who would bring out the worst in our youths rather than challenge them to seize the future and unleash their potentials? Do you want a successor who would relegate God to the background and assume an all-knowing power? 

“Or do you desire a successor with a known e-mail address that the international business community recognizes? Do you want a leader who will fritter away our commonwealth in search of cheap popularity or one who would utilize the resources and continue investing in projects with enduring value? Do you want a successor who would see Government as a cabal where our commonwealth would be shared among a privileged few or do you desire a leader who would continue to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, a successor who understands the economic dynamics that shape the globalized space and would utilize those skills to advance our well-being? These are questions you have to provide answers, and the answers you provide would determine the type of a successor you deserve.

On that occasion, Governor Udom Emmanuel had emphatically submitted, “Mark my words, we will not return to the type of leadership that is big on noise and small in the execution of the big picture items. We will never go backward on the peace in our land, the steady and focused developments we have started.”

 The preference by the State Civil Liberties Organization Boss agrees totally with the mindset of Governor Udom Emmanuel about his successor in 2023.

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