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Monday, January 10, 2022


Idorenyin Umana

The French Revolution (1789-1799) may have come and gone, but the legacies of the broad- based murder, instability and rancorous relationships which defined  France Republic after the revolution were profound. During the revolution, a group of left- wing revolutionary politicians, termed Jacobins, led by Maximilien Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety, instituted a Reign of Terror in the whole of France which guillotined (killed) over 17000 enemies of the revolution. No sane society wishes to experience a reign of terror, in the manner which France did. 

Taking into cognizance, the admonition of Martin Luther King Jr, that, “ injustice anywhere is a threat to justice”,  We, in the Mandate Eyes, a socio- political non governmental organisation, hereby, appeal to the State Commissioner of Police,  to call the supporters of Senator Bassey Albert to order, in the interest of the peace and stability of Akwa Ibom State, before it becomes too late. The reasons for this  solemn appeal, is primarily, to avoid any semblance of the French Reign of Terror and the aftermath Thermidorian Reaction. 


In recent times, in the state, supporters of Senator Bassey Albert have inundated the media space with cataclysmic and life- threatening messages to government officials and others  who they perceive hold contrary views. It seems they consider the aspiration of their principal for the Governorship of Akwa Ibom as ‘do- or- die’, and at the expense of the fundamental rights of people. 

As a corollary,  a key supporter of the Senator representing Uyo, Obong Bassey Albert, Idorenyin Umana  issued  a life - threatening text message to Mr Essien Ndueso, Special Assistant to the Akwa Ibom State Governor on Research & Documentation, to the effect that he will be manhandled (or “rushed, to use their term) after a certain newspaper published the brazen lies he (Idorenyin Umana) churned out against the Governor of Akwa Ibom State on radio. The paper had gone on to allude that the opinion Idorenyin as Media Aide to Senator Bassey Albert on the Radio, represented the view of his boss, a development which has led Idorenyin to go haywire. He has also incited over 70 young people against Essien Ndueso, by claiming that Mr Ndueso stopped the Government from paying them stipends every month.

This unhealthy state of affairs is inimical to democracy and democratic consolidation, in that, it stifles freedom and human liberty, which is in contravention of Section 373 of the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of  Nigeria, which rebukes “injuring the reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or likely to damage any person in his profession or trade by injury to his reputation”. 

Furthermore, it is at variance with the efforts of Governor Udom Emmanuel to promote diversity and social cohesion among every group and individuals in the state, irrespective of their ideology, persuasion, and political  inclinations. Hence the formation of the Maintain Peace Movement is geared towards cementing relationships in the state,  towards unity and development, and ultimately, consummating a tranquil and orderly succession agenda. 

It begs to question as to, what would  become of the state if these gang of modern day “Robespierreans” find themselves in government. This question is pertinent at the time the country is experiencing an unprecedented avalanche of insecurity.

This reinforces the contemplation of Herbert Spencer: “the question of questions for the politicians should ever be, what type of social structure am I tending to produce? But this is a question he never entertains”. What Spencer implied here is that, only persons capable of producing and reproducing decent social structure should be encouraged to lead. 

Sir, by making threat a political weapon, it is crystal clear that the Robespierreans may constitute themselves into a gang of political killers, for the attainment of the Machiavellian end, irrespective of the means. 

The Mandate Eyes appeals to the state security agents to investigate this threat to the life of Essien Ndueso, within the prism of the Criminal Code, in view of nipping it in the bud, as the state approaches 2023. This, too, would save the state from inexplicable blood letting that characterized the reign of terror- which these agents of doom anticipate. 





JANUARY 9,2022

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