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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


…restates commitment to entrepreneurial developmentGovernor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State has reiterated the resolve of his administration to chart a course for the youths and the generality of Akwa Ibom people in entrepreneurial development to meaningfully engage them to be useful to themselves.The Governor was addressing the participants at the 2023 Ibom Ignite Conference, tagged “STRETCH: MY STORY, MY BUSINESS,” held at Ibom Leadership And Entrepreneurial Development Centre, Ibom-LED, formerly E-Library, IBB Way, Uyo.
He encouraged the young people to be industrious and consider whatever their hands find to do at the moment as a school for their future, assuring that the state government would rather boost the economy by supporting entrepreneurial development rather than encourage their involvement in politics as a first and only career without an initial venture to fall back on.

Governor Eno reasoned that having a second career will encourage youths to view politics as a call to service rather than just an opportunity to make money. He also lauded the ingenuity of the Ibom Ignite Conference organizers as well as the Ibom-LED team for creating the platform to make geniuses out of Akwa Ibom youths.

He noted that Akwa Ibom youths deserve more than being treated as mere tools in the hands of politicians and be discarded after achieving their wishes, pointing out that the intent of the Ibom Ignite project matches the goals of the A.R.I.S.E. Agenda, which he recalled, were part of his campaign promises to the people.

He said, “My dear friends, I want to assure you if I see young people that are prepared to say we are here, we want to take our destinies in our arms, I will work with you, and that is my promise, but I need to identify you first.

“For 25 years, I was just between my business, my church, and my house, growing my business. I never cared what was happening. I never got involved in politics, never attended public events. I never.

“Focus on what you are doing! Run this race with patience! Don’t do this one and do that one because there is a cloud of witnesses watching you. Don’t make anyone your standard. Look unto Jesus because anyone that looked unto him has never failed.”

He, therefore, cautioned the youths against availing themselves to be used and foment trouble in the state or be swayed by sponsored propaganda against the government, advising them against seeking popularity by creating chaos.

He used the occasion to clarify that Ibom Ignite does not have political undertones and hinted that the selection process was conducted online, fairly, and without bias.

Defining the program, Chairman, Ibom Ignite Planning Committee, Pastor Imo-Abasi Jacob, said Ibom Ignite was birthed in 2017 as a non-profit visionary program by Pastor Umo Eno in his determination to salvage the trend of endless waiting for readymade jobs by unemployed graduates.

He emphasized that the vision of Ibom Ignite seeks to devise means of engaging the teeming young populace to embrace the culture of enterprise, and by extension, help them rise to the challenge of the present economic and business dynamics for the prosperity and development of the society, as captured in the theme: “Stretch: My Story, My Business.”

Media Unit, Government House, Uyo, 26/9/23


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