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Sunday, October 22, 2023


……splashes $20,000 for Becoming  Pitch Deck Challenge 

Mrs Meflyn Anwana 

Africa has seen a surge in entrepreneurial activities in recent years, with a wave of innovators and visionaries rising up to tackle challenges and create sustainable solutions. These African entrepreneurs are not only making a name for themselves but are also setting an example for others to follow.One area where African entrepreneurs are excelling is in the technology sector. They are leveraging technology to develop innovative solutions that address the unique challenges faced by the continent. For example, in Kenya, M-Pesa revolutionized mobile banking and digital payments, allowing millions of people who previously had no access to formal banking services to send and receive money securely and efficiently. This innovation has since spread to other parts of Africa, improving financial inclusion and boosting economic growth.Another sector where African entrepreneurs are making waves is agriculture. Africa has a rich agricultural heritage, but it has historically been plagued by issues such as insufficient access to markets, inadequate infrastructure, and climate change. However, entrepreneurs are using technology and innovative approaches to transform the sector. For instance, Farmcrowdy, a Nigerian startup, connects farmers with investors who provide them with the necessary resources to increase their productivity. These resources include funding, training, and access to markets. This model not only boosts agricultural productivity but also provides investors with a return on their investment.

Energy is another area where African entrepreneurs are driving innovation. Many parts of the continent still lack access to reliable and affordable energy sources. However, entrepreneurs are finding creative ways to address this challenge. For example, Solar Sister, a social enterprise operating in several African countries, trains and supports women entrepreneurs to sell affordable and clean solar lighting products in their communities. This not only provides communities with access to clean energy but also empowers women economically.

Furthermore, African entrepreneurs are also leading the way in sectors such as healthcare, education, and e-commerce. They are leveraging technology and local knowledge to develop solutions that meet the specific needs of African consumers. This not only drives economic growth and job creation but also improves the quality of life for millions of people across the continent.

Capital Luxury Group, a leading transit, logistics, real estate, auto and music company has been unveiled as the headline sponsor of Hajem Becoming Series Pitch deck competition by the duo of William and Meflyn AnwanA  currently being deployed  in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Egypt and South Africa on the online and offline platforms. 

The company is noted for such social impact projects and initiatives aimed at touching the lives of people and creating positive social change.

According to Mr Edidiong Udoidiong the Ceo of Capital Luxury Group, “This is a good time to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of young Africans as our continent is at economic crossroads. Our young entrepreneurs are going to be the ones that will beat the path to prosperity and we must help them. I can’t wait to see the innovative ideas that will be pitched.

The first phase of the pitch deck competition runs till 30th  October 2023 after which the second phase kicks in where selected entrepreneurs would pitch their business ideas to Angel investors and venture capitalists in virtual and physical sessions.

During the Pitch Deck competition, young African entrepreneurs stand a chance of winning cash prizes, training facilitation for business funding, seed funds , business linkages etc . Capital Luxury Group is in pole position as it is splashing $20,000 in training facilitation and business funding.Undoubtedly, Capital Luxury Global Resources, a multifaceted and prestige company with a commitment to providing unlimited luxury products and services is driving a new narrative in the business ecosystem in Africa.

Capital Luxury is committed to the concept of social impact for societal development and human index raise as they wholeheartedly embrace the conscientious responsibility in human capital development by partnering with educational institutions, non-profits, governments, etc in training and implementing development programs, thereby ensuring that individuals have access to career opportunities, training facilitation and business linkages to further position their businesses  etc.

 Their focus on nurturing talent and potentials strengthens the foundation for societal advancement and core functionalities targeted at emphasizing and uplifting marginalized communities to empowering individuals.

Social impact goes beyond monetary gains. It encompasses the positive changes in communities and individuals' lives that result from targeted initiatives. Capital Luxury recognizes the significance of social impact in uplifting communities, empowering individuals, youths , women and creating a more equitable society. 

African entrepreneurs are blazing a trail of innovation and demonstrating their potential to create lasting impact. They are leveraging technology, adopting innovative business models, and tackling pressing challenges to create solutions that are transforming their communities and industries. With the right support and conducive business environment, African entrepreneurs have the potential to continue driving innovation and contributing to the continent's sustainable development.

In today's world, organizations are not just expected to be profit-driven entities; they are also seen as agents of change and drivers of social impact. Their commitment to driving social impact serves as a catalyst for societal advancement tells a story.One such organization, Capital Luxury has emerged as a leader in integrating social impact as a core functionality in their operations.

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