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Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Udom Inoyo

The say the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Yours truly here can also say, a tasty meal is from a tasty broth.

The manner by which a meal is consumed could easily give away a delicious meal or not.

Don't ridicule Oliver Twist for simply asking for more.

Sometimes employing good table manners makes eaters at public events to maintain just a round of  good meal; while very many too just like 'Oliver Twist' request for more not that they are but with the reality (nangha ufok akeba) of situation back home, they need to make the experience memorable as such 'Table' is rarely set. Some even envious of ruminants wish to regurgitate later for satisfaction.

Without pretense, we see these categories of people at public events everytime!

Though as insincere as life could be atimes, many 'chop,' clean mouth as though they never tasted the meal.

Even amongst the 'Judases' they know what they told the 'Lord' when they had the 'Last Supper' with him.

According to Mr. Samuel Asamudo's testimony, "Rather sadly, it is only people who do not even know Udom or those who claim Udom didn’t help them that always come out to publicize their opinion. On the other hand, many persons whom Udom assisted in one way or the other don’t feel the need to speak out. As a result, negativity takes centre stage. Also, the policy of the company makes company personnel very careful about speaking out for fear of running foul of company’s guidelines on the protection of sensitive information.

"Perhaps, now that Udom has retired, people will be more willing to share their stories on how Udom positively impacted their careers. This is where I come in because, at certain critical moments, Udom positively impacted my work in the company."

The recent, retirement of the Vice Chairman ExxonMobil, Mr. Udom Inoyo unlocks the valves of encomiums which further reveal the person of this Akwa Ibom son.

Lessons from truth is that it is timed, does not elude forever.


The land of Ikot Okoro Ubium in Nsit Ubium Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State may have been an unknown community but not so little to be the nativity of Mr. Udom Inoyo. Just like the proverbial 'Nazareth.' We are locals but we are not Local Champions!

Today, the story of this great Akwa Ibom son can never be completed without a trace to his root which further strengthens the relationship between 'Mangers' and 'Kings.' Many kings are raised from dust. Mostly made from infamous backgrounds to change narratives.

After 30 years of meritorious service, conquering battles in an international minefield through discipline and integrity, sincere Akwa Ibom persons could not contend with the excitement that 'Good' has actually come out of 'Nazareth' with the understanding of a world this Akwa Ibom son has survived for 30 uninterrupted years of service without a taint to the State's image through his representation. Some who have been intentionally silent over time  seize the opportunity to bring to public sphere the many quiet strides Mr. Inoyo performed as an individual to persons, groups and communities. 

Only few who do not get the grasp of what this is will exude ill feelings towards the torrents of testimonials that floods the social media space about this illustrious Akwa Ibom son. 


Of course, from testimonials, Mr. Udom Inoyo's background could not have guaranteed his conquest over a very competitive international sector where certain sentiments could have hindered his success but not for his inherent zest and finesses. Humility, diligent, integrity intelligence and God-Factor midwived today's success story.

"Although Udom had never met me before, he was very welcoming and encouraging. However, he could only 'help' within company guidelines and procedures. This is the point that many people miss. As I got to know during my career with the company, MPN personnel work in an environment of tight internal controls involving policies, procedures and standards of business conduct. Running foul of any of these control measures could result in disciplinary action, up to termination of employment.

"Unfortunately, friends and relations who approach company personnel (regular employees or contract staff) for 'help' rarely know of these constraints, and even if they do, they expect the employees to find ways to sidestep these controls. If the company official is not ready to comply with their wishes, such company official is labeled 'not helpful'. In this way, MPN employees from Akwa Ibom State lose the goodwill of a lot of their friends and family members because they could not 'help'. Udom is one of the MPN personnel who have had to contend with this accusation, especially because of his top management position," Mr. Asamudo said.


Very minute naysayers have failed to understand that few other times that the trumpet is heard at a distance do not herald rapture but not that rapture will not take place and trumpet will definitely sound.

It is for mankind to make their ways straight and prepare for the last day!

In Mr. Udom Inoyo's book contains many silent strides as a private individual who wishes not to be given that public notice for his sincere intentions to be misconstrued by tough players of organization's politics. Silently, he did what he could touching individuals, groups, including communities without much ado to attracting undue attention. As earlier noted in this narrative, truth can not be covered away for long. It timed itself to speak!

His deep seated passion to advance education in this part of the world made Mr. Udom Inoyo to birth the Inoyo Toro Foundation to carter for the educational needs of teachers and students of Public Schools in the State since 2007. As at last year's round of the Foundation's empowerment exercise, 240 teachers from Public Schools in Akwa Ibom State have been mentored and empowered and still counting.

One of the teachers, Mrs Patricia Usenobong, an English Teacher in Uyo High School in her testimony said Inoyo Toro Foundation has risen the bar and the hope of teachers who were not recognised before even when they work for many years.

"I won the first award 2014 and had the grand mentor award in 2016. Through this programme, teachers are now recognised in a society where they were relegated to the background. The award has impacted on my life positively in the sense that the money came as at when needed which I added it up to get a land."

Akwa Ibom Youth have benefitted from skill acquisition programme designed by this Akwa Ibom son to provide sustainable means of livelihood and prepare them for opportunities which is the hallmark of empowerment.

The Skill Acquisition program organized by Mr. Udom Inoyo for the youth since 2004 records over 60 beneficiaries from the programme. The beneficiaries have derived successful living as a result of the skills acquired from the programme. Mr. Nseobong Jacob said the skills included; wielding, electrical repairs, plumbing, bricklaying, Aluminum, fashion design, generator repair and maintenance among others were youth from villages such as Akai Ubium, Ikot Okoro, Obio Eket, Odoro Ataisong, Ikot Akpaneno, Ikot Umo, Nung Obong Ubium Umo, and across other communities in Nsit Ubium including youth from other parts of the State.

'Ufok' meaning (House) is an Akwa-Cross forum which Mr. Udom Inoyo collaborated with others to established to fasten the bond of brotherhood amongst oil workers from the two states. This was also to help them navigates companies rules and procedures.

The forum recently expressed appreciation to the retired ExxonMobil Vice-Chairman who helped grow the forum and boost the morale of oil workers from the sister States in their official environment.

Space and time won't permit to recount as the list is endless.

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Just on his retirement date, the machinery of the Government of Akwa Ibom State could not allow hibernation of this great brain and resource which the State is in dire need of in a time like this to share in his wealth of experience.

He was inaugurated recently with others into the Post-Covid-19 Economic Reconstruction Committee of the State Government headed by Prof. Akpan Hogan Ekpo.

The decision of the State Government isn't out of place learning to utilize what we have and not belabour seeking in places which we have comparative advantage over. Stopping the brain drain is the new order to reposition ours to compete favourably for our future hope and good.

Like Oliver Twist seeking for more food, we seek for more good brains!

©Enwono-Abasi Elisha, Journalist writes from Uyo.

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